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November 5, 2008

How to Change Mac Address on Windows

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ipconfig What is MAC Address?
Media Access Control Address (MAC Address) according to wikipedia is a quasi-unique identifier assigned to most Network Interface Card (NIC). This address is commonly written as 12 digits Hexadecimal e.g. : 00-12-3F-3B-B2-51. To check your mac address, from Windows Command Prompt type ipconfig/all. Look at on Physical Address section. You will find 12 digits hexadecimal.

Why I Need to Do This?
In my case, I need to change my computer MAC Address because the Internet Service Provider only permit computer with MAC Address already registered able to connect to Internet. If I need to swap between my computers, I have to call the call center and ask them to flush it. It would be a lot easier if I have the same MAC Addresses between my PC and laptop.

Step by Step
To be able change the MAC Address, it depend on the type of the NIC that you have. I can do it on my laptop but not on my PC. The friend of mine told me the step by step to do this.

  1. go to Control Panel
  2. double click on Network Connections
  3. right click on the NIC that you want to change (in case you have more than 1 NIC), click Properties
  4. Under General tab, click Configure button
  5. click on Advanced tab
  6. on the Property list, just look for Network Address item
    If this item doesn’t appear, probably the NIC doesn’t support to change the MAC Address value.
    But if you can see this item, click on it. Just type the value that you want on the value textbox without “-” between MAC Address number e.g.: 00123F3BB251 for 00-12-3F-3B-B2-51
  7. check the MAC Address with ipconfig/all
  8. if successful, reboot your computer

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