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December 9, 2008

How to Get SQL Server Version?

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Computer_time_to_upgrade Last time I faced problem with Sharepoint 2003 search. It is related to SQL Server 2000 Full Text Catalog. When I tried to get support from Microsoft, they do not support SQL Server 2000 SP3 anymore. Because of this cause, finally we upgraded our SQL Server 2000 to SP4. Yes, there are some problems after upgrading but my Sharepoint problem resolved by this upgrading and I am able to get support from Microsoft again if there is an issue on my database server in the future.

Nerd Before apply Service Pack, do not do it directly on production environment. Do it on development and testing environment first if possible. Find out other DBA issues from forum and prepare the solution. Prepare the worst case to downgrade the Service Pack ( usually the SQL Server need to reinstall)

Below script is to get version of the SQL Server

   SERVERPROPERTY('servername') AS ServerName
,  SERVERPROPERTY('edition') AS Edition
,  SERVERPROPERTY('ProductVersion') AS ProductionVersion
,  SERVERPROPERTY('ProductLevel') AS ProductLevel

Values return on ProductLevel:

1. ‘RTM’ : Original Release Version
2. ‘SPn’ : Service Pack Version
3. ‘Bn’ : Beta Version

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  1. If you want a deep dive, therfore you can use the extended stored procedure xp_msver [optname]

    USE master
    EXEC xp_msver; — without optname for the whole result

    Comment by tosc — December 9, 2008 @ 3:22 PM

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