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October 31, 2008

Uninstall Oracle 10g on Windows XP

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Today I tried to install Oracle 10g on my Windows XP. Unfortunately I forgot to disconnect my Internet connection so the installer got my DCHP IP from my Internet Service Provider. After I restarted my computer and it got another IP make my oracle didn’t work. I tried to uninstall the oracle and what I realize is there is no oracle installer on windows “Add and Remove Programs”. Oracle also doesn’t supply the uninstaller program so it should do it manually.

Step-step to uninstall

  1. stop all services that starting with “oracle”
  2. delete following key from registry.
    #HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesOracle* (All registry starting with “oracle”) .
  3. delete oracle home directory e.g.: C:Oracle (the location depend when you set on installation)
    DohWhen did this, I got error message “cannot delete oci.dll”. When I restarted my PC and tried to delete again it worked.
  4. delete C:program filesoracle
  5. delete oracle shortcuts from start menu
  6. remove oracle references from path from start -> settings -> control panel -> system -> advanced -> environment variables
  7. remove oracle.DataAccess and Policy.10.1.Oracle.DataAccess from c:Windowsassembly

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